Tuesday, April 01, 2008

“Because it’s Indiana basketball.”

Amen Coach Crean! Welcome to Indiana Basketball.

Crean's rationale: 'Because it's Indiana'

With that kind of attitude, IU most definitely made the right hire. I think I can proudly put the IU Basketball clothing back on and I don't have to paint my family room.

Here's hoping some potential walk on talent was on display at the HPER tonight. Crean will need it next year. And I don't think IU's sanctions prevent him from recruiting at the HPER.

Whew! I was terrified of this hire. Glad I can sleep well tonight.

Go Hoosiers!


DK said...

I agree Steve. There was an article in the Bloomington paper that had some quotes from the Marquette radio announcers. One of them called Crean a "cross between Bob Knight and Tom Izzo." You can't get much better than that. Oh, and he has an 89% graduation rate.

DK said...

Did you see his press conference? I absolutely love this guy! Are there any brick walls around...because I'm ready to run through one for him!

One other thing - he said that all 23 players he had at Marquette that stayed 4 years graduated. The next couple of years could be rough, but I think we may have found our coach for the next 20 years!

TS said...



WOW! What a way to start the press conference. I need to get a shirt with that logo soon!

With his Big Ten background, the fact that he has recruited in Indiana, has a terrific track record and has a "squeaky clean" program, he will restore glory to our program that is in shambles. Everyone needs to be patient and let Coach Crean do his job.

He brings all the attributes that we need to turn our program around and be respected again.

IU finally made the right call - TWO YEARS TOO LATE.